6 Sites That Let You Create A Logo For Your Business

So you're starting a business? Or maybe you've already started the business, but your logo is just too "blah." Either way, you're gonna need a logo. Logos define your brand. They're the first thing customers see, and they can definitely make an impression -- either good or bad. However, hiring a graphic designer to develop and create a logo for you may be a little out of your budget. Thankfully, there are ways to design a logo for your business yourself by simply using a website. We've rounded up our favourite places to create your own logo online for little to no money.


According to the GraphicSprings website, you can create a logo in less than a minute. First, enter your business name, then choose a graphic from thousands of options. Most of the designs are sleek and simple, and basic shapes are also included, giving you a wide range of options to play with. Finally, customise the logo by tweaking the text, colours and more. You can add a tagline to your design, too, if you have one. The interface is pretty simple to use, though it likely will take you a bit longer than one minute to design the logo you love. Once you've designed something you're proud of, just click the download button and pay the $39.99 fee to use the logo for your business.

GraphicSprings is just simple and easy enough to work, and the wide range of options can help your logo stand apart from others created with the same service. For the ease of use and customisation available, the fee seems to be well worth the service.

Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator is essentially what it says it is -- a generator for logos with a hipster vibe. If you're not sure what that means exactly, just head over to their blog for a few examples. (A couple of adjectives that come to mind to describe them are "simple" and "vintage.") The process is straightforward and easy. You definitely don't need an art degree to master this skill. Just choose a shape, choose another shape, add some text, choose a colour and you're done. Wondering what the price tag is because you have literally no budget for this sort of thing? Well, you're in luck, because this one is completely free.


If you want a logo that's completely original and you have a few skills when it comes to drawing with a virtual pen, Logoshi may be a good option for you. Instead of choosing from a gallery of graphics and designs, you actually draw what you want directly on the screen. Don't worry, though -- it doesn't have to be superb quality. Logoshi takes what you draw, and then makes it look good. Basically, you'll be creating blobs of colour on the screen that somewhat resembles the look you're going for, then the Logoshi generator is awesome enough to figure it out and give you the design you want. Once you've got the logo you've been hoping for, just pay $19 to download the file.


DesignMantic works a bit differently than some of the other logo makers because of its setup. First you type in your business name and then you choose a category. The site shows you a variety of logo options, and you simply pick one. You can easily change the colour, too, choosing from a few different options. From there, you can customise your design, tweaking it a bit to fit the image you're going for. If you're a bit savvy with graphic design (or willing to learn), you can use the DesignMantic tools to create a unique logo that's all your own. There's even a handy "Help" button at the bottom of the screen, in case you can't figure out the tools. Best of all, this service is completely free.


LogoMaker is fairly easy to use, and there are lots of design choices to choose from. You basically choose a graphic, then customise it to your liking. Images are arranged by category, which helps you navigate to ones that fit your business. You can then add text, change colours and further customise your design. Your total price tag to download your design is absolutely zilch.


If you like all these options, but you're looking for a logo that's a bit more unique and professional, but still without the hefty price tag that most graphic designers charge, look into 99Designs. This site is far from free, but their basic logo service is still cheaper than what most designers will charge. Plus, you get to choose from many custom-made designs. While you aren't creating the logo entirely on your own, you're not leaving everything up to the designer, either. First, you fill out a form explaining what you're looking for. Over the course of a week or so, you'll get various completed designs from the site's many professional designers. You can give feedback and let them know what's working for you and what isn't. When the week is up, just pick a design and pay the fee. Prices start at $299, which will get you about 30 designs to choose from.

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