About DBA

The Digital Business Academy is a free online platform created by Tech City UK to teach you everything you need to start, grow or join a digital business. We’ve worked with UCL, Cambridge University Judge Business School, Founder Centric and Valuable Content to create 11 expert courses. Upon completion of the courses, you’ll get access to rewards including free co-working, internships and bespoke mentoring support.

Our Courses

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Digital Business Academy offers 11 expert courses, ranging from develop a digital product, to running social media campaigns, to mastering finance for your business. Digital Business Academy is free way to gain the business skills you need for a digital world, at your own pace, from your own place, online. For free.

Each course consists of short video lessons, giving you practical advice from experts and entrepreneurs who’ve been through it all, with hands-on tasks to help you practice what you’ve learnt.

For each course you complete, you’ll earn a certificate. On top of that you earn the right to apply for the many rewards on offer.

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Our Rewards

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Next to courses, we offer rewards for people who finish our courses. So whether you dream of being your own boss or want to get hired by a digital business, we’ve joined forces with leading names in the industry to give you the opportunities you need.

From start-up loans to free co-working space, paid internships to free mentoring, you’ll be able to apply for a host of exclusive rewards when you finish our courses.

David Cameron

David Cameron says:

“The UK is one of the fastest growing digital economies in the G20 and we must embrace new models of education like the Digital Business Academy to upskill our national capabilities and provide people with the tools they need to participate and thrive in the new economy. Building on our initiative to put coding into the school curriculum, Digital Business Academy provides the commercial know-how needed to turn the UK into a nation of business builders, with an equipped workforce for the 21st century.”

David Cameron,
Former Prime Minister

About Tech City UK

At Tech City UK, we believe the UK is the best place to start and grow a digital business. Through dedicated programmes, we support the digital technology sector’s need for skills, infrastructure, and investment. We gather and share vital information which informs policymakers. We give digital entrepreneurs a national and local voice.

Our work accelerates the growth of digital businesses, in London and across the UK, at all stages of their development. You can see our work in action with Future Fifty, Digital Business Academy, Upscale, Tech Nation, the Tech City UK Cluster Alliance and HQUK, as well as our work with Tech North.

We aim to make life better for the digital entrepreneur.